Why Asian men tend to struggle with dating in America

When it comes to Asian men dating interracially, things have not been easy. Historically Asian men have struggled to date effectively in the US as opposed to other racial groups. Sadly, in this age and era, racism still exists. And Asian men have been on the receiving end of this. All this is largely attributed to racial stereotypes that some racial groups do experience.

This didn’t just start today. It goes way back to the 1800s. Apparently, when they came to the western worlds as slaves, they were not allowed to come with their wives. Then we had the anti-miscegenation laws in the U.S. Asian women, on the other hand, had it easier. During Korean and Vietnamese wars, while men who went to war used to marry Asian women. So looking at interracial relationships within the Asian community, there is still a large gap between Asian women in interracial relationships and Asian men. The women are way more desirable. Western men just want them.

Effects of the media on Asian men dating.

The media has done so much injustice to Asian men. They have been branded as an undesirable lot. Even when it comes to TV and film roles, they are usually portrayed as the nerdy or Kungfu fighting guys. They are often stereotyped as being less masculine in comparison to men of other races. Even in TV interracial pairings, we often see Asian women paired with white dudes.

Online dating stats

asian manOnce, an online dating site did a study on peoples dating preferences. The study found that Asian men and Black women are the least preferred groups when it comes to people’s dating preferences. All this is pegged on the racial stereotypes mentioned above.

Now that doesn’t mean that Asian men can’t get mates online. In fact, online dating seems to be the easiest way to meet people. This is because here, they can meet women from various parts of the world who haven’t been influenced by the media stereotypes of the U.S. media. There are a number of success stories on Asian men dating interracially.

Asian men seem to be living these stereotypes

Quite a number of Asian men seem to peg their dating choices on these stereotypes. They feel that they will not succeed in approaching women of other races. So the mentality here is one of giving up before even trying. This negativity doesn’t really help. Even when a woman of another race expresses her interests, chances are you will miss the signs. Or you might mistake these signs for maybe a woman feeling sorry for you or just being nice.

It is such a sad affair. Stereotypes don’t make a good or bad man. Personality does. It is my appeal to women of other races to give Asian men dating interracially a chance. Success in a relationship comes purely from mutual respect and love. Asian men, let’s get out there and prove to the media that we have got a lot more to offer than being geeky. We are attractive and masculine too.