Asian man

Why aren’t jokes about Asian people frowned upon like other racist jokes?

I am sure you have heard so many Asian jokes. Mostly, such jokes usually attack men more than the Asian women. These racist jokes are so common. Just go to the internet and you will be shocked at how Asian men and women are stereotyped until today.

Racism of any kind is unacceptable. No one should be treated as a lesser being just because of their race. I always wonder why such jokes are still being written and there is no societal backlash.

How Asians are stereotyped

Asian men have been called so many things even in the media. For instance, people usually assume that just because someone is Asian, they must know kungfu. Then there is also the media portrayal of Asians being nerds. Apparently, Asian men have been openly called ugly and that they are not sexually endowed.

Enough with the Asian jokes already!

The thing with racist jokes is that they hurt. Look at how women of other races have bought into these stereotypes that Asian men rank lowest on interracial dating sites. At the same time, these jokes do hurt the individual. You end up living the label and having an inferiority complex.

We need to all campaign for these types of jokes to be treated angrily when told, not with indifference as they are currently dealt. It like just because they are Asian jokes they are OK. Well, they are not.

Asian men and women alike are now coming up guns blazing refusing to be stereotyped like that. Asian women have been called submissive and slutty! Really? It’s even weird for men of other races when dating Asian women. People automatically assume they have a fetish.

We are human beings. We are Asian American. So the next time you meet me on the streets, don’t ask me if I know English. Don’t greet me with “Ni Hau”. Just treat us normally. We don’t all know kung fu. We are not all nerds. Plus we Asian men are great in bed too. It’s about time we ganged up against such jokes. Racism under the guise of jokes doesn’t make it better.