Understanding the Asian culture

There is a lot of intriguing things about the Asian culture. It is a culture that is very rich. If you are a western woman looking to date an Asian man, it pays to learn and understand a thing or two about this culture.

Being born and raised in the U.S. my parents made sure that I got in touch with my Asian roots. They educated me and made me learn about all things Asian. At home, we spoke Thai. Something I am grateful for since now I have moved back to Thailand, South East Asia for work.

Having been in a long-term relationship with a white woman, I had a lot to teach her about the Asian culture. That made our move to Asia much smoother as she understood the way of life of the people there. So if you are a western woman dating or looking to date an Asian man, here are some things you can learn. Plus it will come in handy when the time to visit the parents comes.

Asians have diverse traditions. It’s in the arts, our music, the lifestyle, the philosophy.

The Asian Arts and Literature

thai dancersMost of the arts in Thailand are based on the Buddhism. There are lots of Buddha images from various periods of time. You will find most of these in temples and at homes. The modern art combines both the traditional and modern techniques.

Our literature highly relies on the Hindu culture, specifically Ramayana and Ramakien.

Music and Dance of South East Asian Culture

Classical and folk music traditions are embedded into the Music, Piphat, and Mor I am. Much as the different types of classical music may be different, the underlying theoretical approach and instrumentation are similar. Usually, they use wooden sticks and hand cymbals to maintain the tempo.

One of the main dances is called the Siamese. It is a very dramatic dance that employs violins among other instruments. Now when I say dramatic, I do mean dramatic. The dancers are usually wear masks (mostly of beasts or devils) and carry arms. You could call it a combat dance.

Important Holidays

The main holiday is the Thailand new year. It is not the normal kind of new year we are used to in the U.S. and most parts of the world. This one is usually observed from 13th to 15th April each year. They call it Songkran. The celebrations include water throwing.

The other holiday is Loi Krathong. It usually falls in early November. People usually float away candle rafts to symbolize forgiveness and the letting go of grudges.

Generally, Buddhism has a strong influence on the lifestyle of South East Asian culture. They believe in ancestral and natural spirits. Most houses have a miniature house for the spirits. Interesting, right?