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The perfect Asian workout that’ll have you looking like a fitness model

Ever seen an Asian fitness model and asked yourself how they got looking like that? Do you feel that your physique is the reason that your dating experience is suffering? Then this article is for you. You don’t need to sit around and complain about it. It’s time to get off your ass and do something about it.

Diet and working out are some of the things we shouldn’t neglect in our lives. It doesn’t have to be something extreme. You can always start small and work up from there. What works?

Workout and diet tips to get you Asian fitness model look

Do Cardio

Cardio exercises are very important if you want to burn fat. These are exercises that we need not ignore in our workout plans. You need to burn that fat first before you start gaining muscles. Walk. Jog. Run. Dance. Do anything to get that heart rate up.

Strength exercises

These are the exercises that will help you get the muscles and strengthen your core. Do your pushups, squats or lifts. Remember to finish every set and reps. Consistency is very important. Don’t just lift then drop down the weight. Bring it down gently for your exercises to work.

Your diet has to change

If you are the kind of person who relied heavily on fast foods, you need to change. You need to move to a diet plan that includes lean proteins and vegetables. Cut down in your carbs. Also, since you are working out, you need more energy in your system and you also need to build those muscles. Make sure you eat the right foods like fruits, lentils, nuts, meat… And don’t forget that banana when you are doing your workouts.

Start by doing your working out daily

The whole idea of doing this is to create a habit. You need to do this daily for 21 days straight and get working out into your system. Once you do this and once you start getting into shape, it will be easier to maintain that great shape which you will have acquired.

Mix things up

If you really want to look like an Asian fitness model, you cannot do this by doing the same exercise daily. So don’t get stuck on the treadmill. There are various parts of the body that need the shaping up. The abs, the arms, and biceps, the legs, the ass… Make sure you do the right exercises for every part of the body in order to get you in the best physical shape ever.

Drink lots of water

Water is very important because you are losing lots of it through sweating. So you need to drink lots of it all the time. You need to increase your intake. All the best.