best asian food

Ranking the best asian food choices

Taste is always a subjective entity, most popular food of one region might not be liked from people from another region, one man’s spicy can be another man’s uncontrollable, red-faced pain.
As a foodie, we have checked item from different Asian food cuisines, eaten fantastically well and ranked them as a common westerner.
Let’s have a look at best Asian food choices.

Chinese Food

You can find Chinese food resturants all over the world, but not every Chinese restaurant serves you authentic Chinese food.

Xiaolongbao is one of the most famous Chinese food item, apart from that, you can choose to order different soups, noodles, veggies, etc. best thing about Chinese food is the mild presence of spices.

Japanese Food

Fitness enthusiast made the Japanese food famous because of its high in protein and low in fat content.

Unlike the Chinese counterpart, Japanese food is still served in the authentic form with some minor changes. Japanese food is easy to recognize, you can really get wrong with Sushi, sashimi, unagi, and sake.

One thing that I personally loved about the Japanese cuisine, it is not about products and recipes, but their food is lot about their indigenous culture and traditions.


Rice, vegetables, and meats are the main ingredients of Korean food but you really can miss the BBQ if you are serious about tasting the best of Korea. Korean menu cards are quite minimalistic which make the food choice easier for the visitors, get ready to experience different flavours of sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, pepper flakes, and fermented red chili paste.

best asian food


Indian food is quite different from the other Asian countries, majority of the population if vegetarian which makes this country a haven from a vegan.

Indian food items heavily depend on the different spices and herbs, food that is tasteless for an Indian might knock you down with its spices.

“Naan” is a common Indian break that you will find almost anywhere, and you will surely fall in love with it.

Because of the vast cultural diversification, you can expect to see the changes in food pattern in different states, all the states have their food style and recipes. The best solution to eating well is to ask the flavor and spicy level before you order anything.  

Best Indian food that you might love is Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Roganjosh, etc.

Concerning alcohol – you would not find it everywhere in India, Alcohol is served in the selected resturants only. If alcohol is a must for you then you better google search before you step into the hotel.