Japanese myths

Myths about Japanese women dispelled

Let us face it, many western men have a fantasy to date Japanese women and they make an effort as well but most of the men fail to impress Japanese women. One of the biggest factors behind the failure is the myths and stereotypes about Japanese women that makes them more unpredictable and hard to get.

Let’s talk about some of the common myths about Japanese women:

She isn’t an angle

The older generation of Japanese women was considered to be an angle figure because they were more inclined towards taking care of house and family. But today’s generation is surely different, most of the Japanese women are getting more career oriented and she might not be the angle you are searching for.

Japanese myths

She will probably control the money

One of the common cultures of the Japanese, women controls all the money. Yes, husband surrenders his monthly income and get the pocket allowance in return.

You can expect her to demand full control over your income, its better idea to have a clear understanding over expenses and control over money.

Develop some serious listening skills

You will definitely suck with Japanese women if have bad listening skills, most of the Japanese are raised in an environment where they put their efforts into understanding each other.

She might not the technological geek

Yes, Japan is a haven for technological geeks but most of the Japanese are still affectionate with their old devices and might not be interested in technology.

Before you try to impress her with your knowledge in the field of technology, ask her, whether she is interested in the sector.

Japanese mythsExpect her to act smart

She might be a marriage material for most of the westerners but expect her to do things smartly, Japanese are hard-wired to do things differently. She can act weird sometimes but that’s because of the traditional and cultural differences she possesses.

She might not be interested in frequent intimacy

Apart from the beautiful body, many Japanese women are found to lose interest in intimacy after the first kid, that might because of the priorities. It’s better to discuss such things before you commit.

She loves unhealthy food as well

Many people consider Japanese to be a healthy food eater but their love for the fried, high-carb food is also exceptional. Instead of taking her to the food junction which serves fresh healthy food, ask her to make a choice, she might choose junk food over conventional health food.