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My tips of the best Asian countries to visit on your next holiday

What are the best Asian countries to visit? Well, if you are looking for a wonderful and affordable time, then you should consider Southeast Asia. The food and the beer are really affordable with lots of street food vendors. There are lots of new experiences you can enjoy. Well, below are some of the countries you need to consider visiting besides the usual European countries.

Best Asian Countries to go on holiday and places to see when in these locations


bangkok, thailand

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Well, if there is a country people love visiting in Asia, its Thailand. And everyone heads directly to the vibrant capital city, Bangkok. This city had got beautiful ornate shrines. This city has got great food for everyone’s palate. Whether its the street food you wany yo enjoy in this one of the best Asian countries or you want to upscale to international restaurants, you will enjoy the food that’s for sure.

The nightlife is something that you will definitely enjoy. There is a wide range to choose from. They have funky rooftop lounges and basic nightclubs. All you have to do is to head on to the infamous Patpong district. Plus this country is very LGBTQ friendly.


If its the holiday, laid-down experience you are looking for, then visit Indonesia. It is the perfect place to photograph as it has beautiful views. There are beautiful spas, you can go scuba diving, shopping and enjoy the coffee. If you want the real coffee experience, try the cat poop coffee. Apparently, its the world’s finest coffee.

Besides Bali how about visiting Ubud. It’s filled with luxurious but affordable shopping boutiques and restaurants. You can also scuba dive off the beaches.


Meiji Shrine
Tokyo is great because it’s both modern and traditional at the same time. They have great historical temples. One of the sites to visit is the opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine which is surrounded by woods. The museums are also great. If you want the nightlife, visit Roppongi. If you want high-tech electronics, the Akihabara is the place to be.

Best Asian countries to visit like China

When thinking Asia, China always comes to mind. It is a very popular country. The food, people, history are all amazing. And if you really want to shop cheaply, get on a plane to China.