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How to introduce your dating partner to your Asian American family

Asian American dating is a topic that is widely discussed today, both on social media and on the internet. And the one thing that seems to be the main focus of the discussion is interracial dating. More and more Asians are dating and marrying men and women of other races.

Now we cant talk interracial dating without talking about meeting parents and family of your new love. This is a crucial topic especially if you are in a serious relationship. And I am sure you have already introduced him or her to your friends.

Preparations to be done for an Asian American dating interracially

There is this notion that most Asian parents are conservative. So most people always assume and expect resistance to interracial dating. But this isn’t necessarily the case especially if the parents have been living in America.

If your parents are OK with interracial dating, then this step shouldn’t be one to dread much. All you need to do is just set a date for introducing your newly found love to your family. Then all you need to do is just show up.

If however, you aren’t sure how your parents would react then talk to them about your special someone even before setting the date. Let them know how important he or she is to you. Let them realize how serious the relationship is and how important it is for them to accept your interracial partner.

The other thing us to let your interracial partner have a brief background about your family members. Let them know about your parents and siblings and what she should expect from them.

If there are expectations that your family members expect, let your partner know. If there is some dress code she is expected to adhere to, prepare her for that.

Looking at my family, we usually carry a gift when visiting someone. Advice your boyfriend or girlfriend to carry something small. Some dessert like a cake is thoughtful.

Also, remember to let them know that they need to keep their hands to themselves. When it comes to Asian American dating, public displays of affection are seen by most parents and especially elderly family members as a lack of respect. SAve that for when its the two of you.

Otherwise, all the best!