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How to confidently land a kiss on a first date

How can you successfully land yourself a kiss on first date?

First dates can be quite tricky and scary. Normally, people expect you to bring your A-game. People always put pressure on themselves. This happens especially if the person you are meeting on a first date is someone you really like and are hoping for something more than just a date.

Then there is the bit where you start wondering. Will the chemistry be great enough to land you that kiss?

Well, it’s great that you have expectations. But what determines how your date will end or whether you will get a kiss and a second date is you. It all lies in how you carry yourself out during the date. Some might tell you not to get your hopes up. But having expectations that the date will be great will make you lay the groundwork and put your best foot forward.

This to do to create the opportunity for a kiss on first date

1. Groom yourself

The best way to lay that groundwork is to make the date a pleasant experience. It all starts with getting cleaned up for your date. Go there smelling nice and looking neat. At the same time, if you are expecting that kiss, brush the teeth, use mouthwash and consider carrying some mouth spray so you can sneak into the bathroom before your date ends. Be ready for that kiss.

2. Maintain eye contact when talking

The eyes are the window to the soul. And eyes don’t lie. The way someone looks at you while talking can say a lot about how they feel about you. So on your date, while telling her the sweet nothings, make sure you maintain eye contact.

couple holding hands

3. Lightly touch your date

The key here is to establish some intimacy. This will show your date that you are really interested in more than just being friends. Don’t rush it though. Do it when you feel it’s appropriate. If you don’t get the chance though, you could wait until the end of the date and hold her hand or put your arm around her shoulder.

4. Se yourself up for the kiss

Let your date have an idea that you are ok with a kiss on first date. You can linger when a date ends. Get closer to them. And if it’s not happening, just go for it and ask. Say, “I would really love to kiss you right now. Is that OK?

Whatever the answer, always respect her boundaries. If she is not ready for a kiss, give them a hug and a peck on the cheek. Sometimes, showing a woman some respect will definitely get you a second date… and that kiss…