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How I found success as an Asian American dating white girls

Through out college, Asian American girls seemed to have it easy dating white men. This is largely attributed to the sad fact that Asian men are stereotyped. We have been called nerds. Ugly. People say we have small penises. Some call us weak. Ask any Asian man and he will tell you all about it.

On the other hand, Asian American girls are praised. All men from all races want them and desire them. Now, their petite nature usually works to their advantage. Men usually assume that they are more feminine and submissive. And then, of course, there are so many positive praises about them on the internet.

My experience dating women in college wasn’t so easy. I am usually attracted to white women. I noticed this attraction when I became a teenager and started having crushes on girls. But whenever I expressed an interest in a girl, I would get ignored or rejected. I am not a man you can call tall. So maybe my height was working against me. So I began dating Asian women.  But still found white women to be the ones I was drawn to.

I had heard a lot about online dating and how open people are there. Plus I had heard of people talking about interracial dating sites and how successful they were. One thing that made me try out was because there, you can state the race of preferred mate. Plus, you get matched with people who want to date Asian men in my case. So I thought, my odds of dating the girl of my dreams were looking pretty good.

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My online dating journey

So I set up my profile, took some pretty good pictures showing me partaking some of my hobbies. I let my profile show the fun side of me. Something which I am but my face won’t say. And I took some pretty good time writing that online profile. And Bam! There I was all set to find her.

Asian American girls dating online

Now even with online dating, I came to find out that Asian women were still doing better than Asian men. However, I decided not to give up. I mean, if I am ever going to marry someone, then I need to find exactly what I was looking for. I had so much hope. And here, I found women who actually just wanted to meet someone great. They didn’t care that I was Asian. They were looking for love.

And her profile kept popping

man dating onlineWhenever I logged in, there was just that profile that kept popping. It was well written and she seemed to love the things I wanted. It took a while for me to contact her because she hadn’ t indicated the race of her preferred mate. But then I asked myself, what do I have to lose.

So I sent her a message complimenting her smile. And we got talking. She was a very interesting woman. And as they say, the rest is history.

One thing I learned dating online is, if we are to keep up with Asian American girls, one has to have an open mind. I had been ignoring this profile because of my fear of rejection. But once I got over that, voila!