angry asian man

Breaking Asian male stereotypes is just a part of life

Negative stereotypes have always surrounded the Asian male, especially when it comes to dating. We have had to put up with stereotypes for years. I have experienced my fair share first hand. The problem with stereotypes, they tend to stick with us. We hear them so much that at some point we start believing them and living the labels.

That shouldn’t be the case. We need to break these stereotypes.

How I proved people with stereotypes about Asian men

I don’t know karate

martial artsYes. We gotta hand this one to all the Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies out there. See, the thing is, most people usually assume that any Asian male must be a martial artist. Well, I was born and bred in America. And I had no interest in the sport. Do you really want to know the sport I am into? You heard right! Basketball. I am pretty good at it. Not NBA good but good.

I am a great driver

Really? We need to put a stop to this one. According to insurance companies, bad Asian drivers are actually the best. Apparently, we are the safest on American roads than any other race. So imagine the kind of ride you will get from a good one! I pride myself to be one of the good ones.

The Asian male is dateable

white woman asian manPeople have called us ugly. People have said we are bad in bed. So much has been said about why all races don’t want to date us. Question is: Would I have snugged my beautiful white lover if that were the case?

The thing is: When I was in college, I believed that no white woman would give me a chance. So, what did I do? I never asked one out. But when I got to the real world and realized how funny I am and how white women gave me an ear, I realized, I had a lot to offer. So I started asking. And started dating.

For years, we have been bombarded with these stereotypes. But its about time we as Asian men stood up and broke squahed them for good.